The Wild Enclave is one of the four main guilds, and many travelers would call them the most feared. These are mortals who have either grown up entirely in the wild or spent the majority of their lives in it, and thus, live in accordance with many of its unwritten, natural laws. Isolated and tribal, Enclavers inhabit all of the wildlands across Alarra, though, their numbers are greatest among the woodland realms. Their appearance depends greatly on where they're encountered, as well as the degree of natural immersion in which they've lived. Some appear feral and savage, covered from head to toe in mud and foliage, while others are more groomed and well-spoken.

Enclavers are said to be so attuned to their natural surroundings, that their bodies are at all times imbued with power from the ever-changing seasons and elements of nature. Many are able to tame wild beasts as guardians and take on the characteristics of some animals themselves. The guild is especially known and feared for its relentless savagery in battle. Enclavers are said to commit brutal, ritualistic sacrifices of enemies, and then use the remains for a variety of purposes, including cannibalistic nourishment.

The main guild hall of the Enclave is a collection of treehouses built into the highest treetops of Faewood Forest. Their equipment is crafted via primitive and barbaric methods, frequently utilizing the raw, natural materials of the earth and its inhabitants. This includes stone, bark, leaves and the like, but also the bone, scale, skin, blood, organs, and other anatomy of those they've slain. Enclavers are often partial to dyeing their armor and clothing with varying shades of their guild colors - green and yellow.

Guild Abilities gained at land levels:


Packer Leader

Control an additional pet, stacking with the Leadership ability


Beast Taming

Tame beasts in the wild and turn them into your pets



Release a falcon to explore areas and retrieve items for you



Mix inks and apply ritual tattoos which provide beneficial effects


Favored Enemy

Use HUNT <Type> to gain an advantage against a specific monster type



Gain stat bonuses based on your current natural surroundings



Gain stat bonuses based on the current season



Gain unique powers and traits based on various wild animals