The Weapon and Shield skill centers around attacking with a weapon in your right hand while blocking incoming attacks with a shield in your left hand.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Shield Block - you have a chance to block incoming attacks with a shield in your left hand                 
  •    Shield Bash - use BASH to damage the target and attempt to knock them down                 
  •    Troop Redoubt - allows you to protect party members from some attacks                 
  •    Warcraft - your armor is increased for every monster advanced on you                       
  •    Timed Bash - after a successful block, BASH can be used without becoming unbalanced                 
  •    Clash - attack while holding a shield and the target's damage will be temporarily reduced                         
  •    Shield Throw - use STHROW to hurl your shield at a target, deals damage and interrupts spells             
  •    Second Wind - use SWIND to greatly increase your maximum health for a short while             
  •    Fortify - Use FORTIFY with a shield to absorb physical damage based on your skill rank             
  •    Safeguard - at times when your health is low, your block chance may become greatly increased