The University of Arcana is one of the four main guilds and is located in the northern part of the island city of Kalmyr. Founded by the original elves, the University is primarily known for the study and practice of the realm's most advanced forms of magic.

Although many mortals travel to the University simply to learn new spells, fully admitted students gain access to secret knowledge unique to their order and extending far beyond the common schools of magic. Students may also choose from the University's collection of trinkets and familiars, which provide a variety of unique powers and beneficial effects.

Composed of both spellcasters and fighters alike, the University provides its students and professors with the finest clothing, weapons and armor which elven craftsmanship can offer. The smiths of Kalmyr are often fond of gleaming, lighter metals, such as silver and platinum. The official colors of the city - cyan and purple - are usually included in the styling as well.

Guild Abilities gained at land levels:


Familiar Bonding

Bond with a chosen familiar to gain beneficial effects


Scholar's Satchel

Provides a separate inventory with 10 additional slots


Flying Eye

Conjure a floating eye to explore locations without entering them



Write scrolls which will temporarily allow you or an ally to cast a spell



Brew powerful potions which provide a variety of effects


Animate Weapon

Animate a weapon to temporarily fight as your minion


Metamagic: Twincast

Use TCAST to gain an extra copy of a spell you cast


Metamagic: Groupcast

Use GCAST to have a beneficial spell affect an entire party


Mana Absorption

When you evade a spell, you gain health and mana based on the caster's level. 
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