The Unarmed Combat skill determines your proficiency in fighting without weapons.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Martial Arts - increases damage dealt while unarmed (rank 1)
  •    Flurry of Blows - increases the number of attacks while unarmed or using a martial arts weapon (rank 2)
  •    Ki Strikes - unarmed attack counts as magic, benefits from both attack power and spell power (rank 5)
  •    Leg Sweep - perform a quick sweep kick, tripping targets you're engaging (rank 6)
  •    Catch Missiles - with empty hands, you can sometimes catch and then throw a ranged projectile (rank 9)
  •    Wholeness of Body - when your health falls to 0, transfer mana to health (rank 12)
  •    Stunning Fist - perform a powerful strike which stuns the target (rank 16)
  •    Shockwave - unarmed critical strikes unleash a wave of energy which damages engaged targets (rank 18)
  •    Death Touch - use DTOUCH on an advanced target, if their health drops below your max mana, they die (rank 20)
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