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The Two Handed Weapons skill centers around your proficiency in fighting with greatswords, battleaxes, polearms and other two handed weapons.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Heavy Weaponry - increases your damage dealt with two handed weapons (rank 1)
  •    Revenge - damage taken while unbalanced increases the next two handed weapon attack (rank 3)
  •    Sunder Armor - use SUNDER to perform an attack that reduces the target's armor (rank 6)
  •    Stunning Blows - two handed weapons have a chance to stun the target on critical hits (rank 8)
  •    Cleave - use CLEAVE with a two handed weapon to attack all monsters engaging you (rank 10)
  •    Compensate - decreased unbalance time when you miss with a two handed weapon (rank 12)
  •    Execution - use EXECUTE on a target with low health and avoid unbalance time if they die (rank 14)
  •    Follow Through - chance to avoid unbalance time while swinging a two handed weapon (rank 16)
  •    Vengeance - killing a monster with EXECUTE will cause Revenge damage to carry over (rank 18)
  •    Momentum - damage increases after each attack with a two handed weapon, stacking (rank 20)