Tattooing is a guild crafting ability learned by members of the Wild Enclave. Tattoos can be applied to yourself and others to provide different helpful effects.

Unlike other crafting abilities, Tattooing can be performed anywhere. Hold the required ink in one hand and a Ritual Tattoo Kris in the other. Use TATTOO <Tattoo> <Target> to apply a tattoo. 

Ink requires ingredients which are found and foraged in various places. 

Available Tattoos: 

  • Teal Tattoo of the Hydra - Increases all resistances by 5% 
  • Amber Tattoo of the Eagle - Grants flying 
  • Gold Tattoo of the Lion - Increases health by 10% 
  • Olive Tattoo of the Crocodile - Increases armor by 10%
  • Violet Tattoo of the Panther  - Increases dodge by 5%
  • Grey Tattoo of the Gorilla    - Increase armor and health by 5%
  • Scarlet Tattoo of the Spider  - Increases critical chance by 10%
  • Blue Tattoo of the Whale - Grants waterbreathing and increased swim speed                      
  • Red Tattoo of the Scorpion - Increases surge by 10%
  • White Tattoo of the Moon - Increases mana, attack and spell power by 5%, grants light
  • Black Tattoo of the Bat - Decreases spell costs by 10%
  • Green Tattoo of the Tree - Increases armor and regeneration by 5%
  • Yellow Tattoo of the Sun - Increases health, attack and spell power by 5%, grants light
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