Training the Stealth skill allows you to conceal yourself (HIDE) and use the shadows to gain an advantage in combat. It also enables Sneak Damage - Whenever a target is unable to see you, you will deal an additional 25% base damage, regardless of skill rank.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Hide - use HIDE to move unseen and ATTACK from stealth without using ADVANCE first (rank 1)
  •    Backstab - increases your Sneak Damage depending on the type of weapon wielded (rank 3)
  •    Decoy - retreating will create a decoy for 10 seconds which causes monsters to attack it (rank 5)
  •    Hidden Hands - you will remain hidden whenever you you eat, drink, read or activate items (rank 8)
  •    Quiet Casting - you will remain hidden while casting spells (rank 9)
  •    Smoke Screen - use SMOKE to throw a smoke screen and escape or gain an advantage (rank 11)
  •    Silent Escape - your killing blows give you a chance to automatically vanish back into the shadows (rank 14)
  •    Smoke Bomb - Use SMOKE <Direction> to throw a Smoke Screen into an adjacent room (rank 16)
  •    Shadow Walk - Use SWALK <Target> to teleport yourself to a target in your current area (rank 18)
  •    Assassination - when attacking from stealth, there is a chance you will instantly kill the monster (rank 20)
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