The Sinshade Family, one of the four main guilds, are the descendants of an ancient group of rogues and assassins in the city of Rhojidan, banded together to increase their wealth and influence. The guild's reach is said to extend throughout the city, including the royal palace, where the Sinshade have at times controlled the highest offices in the realms and even carried out the assassinations of emperors.

The Sinshade are generally either behind or well connected to any organized crime in and around Rhojidan. They are often able to escape the hands of justice, while also dealing it out as they see fit. Their most common and preferred intervention is a swift and silent murder. The guild is known for possessing dark and mysterious powers, including their own unique bloodlines, wherein members are said to permanently transform into powerful, demonic versions of their former selves.

As the Sinshade are often intertwined with royalty and other members of Rhojidan's elite class, their garb frequently matches the same regal style, while also representing the dark and shadowy nature of the guild. The official colors of the Sinshade are black and blood red, typically seen in their clothing and armor, as well as in the decor of their underground guild halls.

Guild Abilities gained at land levels:


Blood Money

When you kill humanoids in an especially brutal way, find extra gold


Deathly Embrace

Your necrotic damage heals you for 10% of the damage



Brew powerful potions which provide a variety of effects


Sinshade Bloodlines

Permanently transform into your choice of Vampire, Lich, or Demon


Bloodline Ability

Blood Drinker, Enslave Undead, or Sinful Behavior


Bloodline Ability

Cloud of Bats, Mist Form, or Demon Form


Bloodline Ability

Cloak of Shadows, Phylactery, or Infernal Gate



Your maximum health and mana increase with your age

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