There are seven schools of magic available to all mortals:

These schools can be learned by anyone and are taught at the University of Arcana in the city of Kalmyr.

Some guilds offer unique spells of their own.

Use CAST <Spell Name> to ready a spell, then TARGET <Target Name> to complete the spell or TARGET alone if there is no target to specify.

The caster will usually be unbalanced for a moment before being able to TARGET and complete the spell, while some spells may take effect instantly upon using CAST.

Some spells have additional requirements for casting such as:

  • Somatic - one empty hand must be available to perform a necessary magical gesture
  • Verbal - requires incantation, so the caster cannot be silenced or have their mouth restrained
  • Material - a reagent or other component is required to aid in the casting of the spell

Some spells require a specified target, while Area-of-Effect (AOE) or "room spells" affect all monsters and/or players in the caster's current room. Earthquake is an example of this spell type.

Point Blank Area-of-Effect (PBAOE) spells will affect all targets you are currently engaging. Acid Blast is an example of this spell type. Molten Strength is an example of a single target melee spell which affects one target you're engaging.

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