The Riding skill involves mounted combat abilities such as charging, jousting and trampling over your opponents.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Equestrian - increases your mount's bonuses based on your skill rank (rank 1) 
  •    Charge - while mounted you can CHARGE to attack and engage without using ADVANCE (rank 5)
  •    Trample - CHARGE knocks down standing targets and deals extra damage to prone targets (rank 7)
  •    Jousting - doubles the damage bonus gained from charging (rank 9)
  •    Reinforced Saddles - gives your mount armor rating, stacking with Armored Steed ability (rank 10)
  •    Mount Attack - use MATTACK to attack with your mount, even while unbalanced (rank 12)
  •    Overrun - when you charge and knock a target prone, you have a chance to not be engaged (rank 15)
  •    Advanced Maneuvers - different mount types provide you with different benefits (rank 17)
  •    Exotic Mounts - ride special mounts and increase the effectiveness of mounts you ride (rank 18)
  •    Deeper Bond - doubles the effectiveness of mounts you ride (rank 20)       
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