Asteria has nine player races to choose from:

  • Humans are the most common of races, versatile and tend to progress quickly.
  • Dwarves are strong and tough, usually excelling in combat and drinking, among other things.
  • Elves possess the strongest intellect and magical ability of the mortal races.
  • Half-Elves are very common, often known as spiritual, adventurous and brave.
  • Fae are swift and clever, also naturally able to fly with their colorful wings.
  • Goblins are cunning and manipulative, often prospering where money is involved.
  • Gnomes are quick mentally and physically, usually successful in politics and problem-solving.
  • Half-Orcs display the fury of an orc in combat, but are often more focused and civilized.
  • Half-Ogres are huge, strong and tough, often towering above other common races.