MUDs Edit

Asteria is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), also known as a text-based role-playing game.

A MUD client or similar program is required to connect to the game: port:1111

Character Development and Stats Edit

Character development is one of the central aspects of gameplay in Asteria. When you initially create your character, you choose a name, gender and race. Later, you may also choose to join one of four guilds.

There are a few basic stats for all players:

  • Health (HP) - How much damage you can take before dying
  • Mana (MP) - How much mana you have to use for spellcasting
  • Armor - The rating for physical damage absorption
  • Critical - Chance to deal critical damage and healing
  • Surge - Increases the bonus applied to critical attacks and spells
  • Health Regen - How fast you regenerate health
  • Mana Regen - How fast you regenerate mana
  • Attack Power (AP) - The rating for your physical damage dealt
  • Spell Power (SP) - The rating for your spell damage and healing effectiveness
  • Skill Points - Used to increase your rank in skills and/or schools of magic

After creating your character, you complete a brief tutorial and then enter the larger game world. From this point on, you have a variety of choices in how to play the game, but often the primary goal is to improve your character by gaining levels.

Leveling Edit

Adventurers gain experience points (XP) from accomplishments and activities such as completing quests, defeating enemies, healing wounded allies and discovering new areas. You automatically gain each level as you earn enough XP. As you ascend in levels, the total amount of XP required increases. With each level your health and mana improve, and you gain skill points for learning and improving skills. There is no maximum level. Beyond level 100, you will continue to gain mana and health, but will no longer gain skill points.

It's worth noting that there are no "leveling stats" or methods to get the best gains on health and mana when you level. Things like racial traits, equipment and learned skills may increase the totals, but everyone gains health and mana at the same rate while leveling.

Movement Edit

You are allowed to move in any of the basic compass directions:

  • North South East West
  • Northeast Southeast Southwest Northwest
  • Up Down

For example, if you type northwest (or NW), you will move northwest.

Some rooms may require you to use specific commands, such as ENTER PORTAL to move around. These situations are usually part of a puzzle and are not standard. There are also sometimes natural barriers to movement, such as having to swim through water or fly through the air in order to reach the desired direction.

Combat Edit

Enter AD <Target> to ADVANCE on the target. Once engaged, you can enter A to ATTACK the target. You can also enter RE to RETREAT.

You can also enter combat by CHARGING if you are riding a mount. You do not need to advance when attacking with a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow.

Spellcasting Edit

Use CAST <Spell Name> to ready a spell, then TARGET <Target name> to complete the spell or TARGET alone if there is no target. The caster will usually be unbalanced for a moment before being able to TARGET and complete the spell, while some spells may take effect instantly upon using CAST.

Death Edit

When you die, you will become a ghost and are unable to move or perform most actions. In order to be reborn, use the DIE command. This will return you to your home with a penalty to gold and experience.

Any experience gained above the following thresholds will be reset to those thresholds: 75%/50%/25%/0%.

You will also lose half of the gold you are carrying. Gold in the bank is protected and will not be lost.

If a player is able to cast Resurrection on you, there will be no loss of experience or gold.

Communication and Role-playing Edit

Asteria is a "RP enforced" MUD, in that while participation in role-playing isn't necessarily mandatory, there are systems and rules in place which encourage remaining in character (IC).

  • With CHAT being the only exception, all communication channels are IC.
  • Role-playing is required for earning titles and advancing through the ranks of a guild.
  • Player character names do not require approval during creation but are expected to be IC.
  • Player titles, houses and various descriptions are all expected to be IC.

The following social commands are available:

  • WHO - See a list of players online
  • SAY <Message> - Talk to everyone in the room (RP / IC)
  • TELL <Name> <Message> - Send a private message to another player
  • REPLY - Respond to the last private message you received
  • SHOUT <Message> - Main RP / IC communication channel
  • GSHOUT <Message> - Guild RP / IC communication channel
  • CHAT <Message> - out of character (OOC) communication channel

A variety of socials or emotes (cough, hug, greet, etc.) are also available under HELP SOCIALS.

Grouping / Partying Edit

Players may form groups in order to explore, hunt, role-play or otherwise enjoy the game cooperatively. Whenever a monster is slain by a player, the rest of the group will receive experience points and the credit needed for quests. Players also gain experience points for healing other wounded players.

The following group commands are available:

  • FOLLOW <Player> - begin following another player wherever they go
  • GROUP - shows information about your current group
  • GROUP CREATE - make a new group
  • GROUP ACCEPT <Name> - accept a group invite from another player
  • GROUP LEAVE - leave your current group
  • GROUP NAME <Name> - give your current group a name
  • GROUP DISBAND - disband your current group
  • GROUP PROMOTE <Name> - promote a group member to leader
  • GROUP KICK <Name> - kick a player out of your group
  • GROUP INVITE <Name> - invite a player to your group
  • GROUP LIST - see a list of current groups available
  • GTELL <Message> - sends a message to your group (in character channel)

Frequently Used Commands Edit

  • HELP <Topic> - See the helpfile for a given topic
  • HELP INDEX - See a list of helpfiles
  • CONFIG - See current configuration settings
  • LOOK - Look at your current location, or at a player, object or NPC
  • SCORE - See a detailed display of your character's information
  • SKILLS - See a list of your skills
  • SPELLS - See a list of your spells
  • ABILITIES - See a list of your abilities
  • DEFENSES - See your character's resistances
  • STATS - See your character's combat-related stats such as armor, dodge and surge
  • KLIST - See a categorized list of the monsters you've slain
  • INVENTORY or EQUIPMENT - See everything you are wearing and carrying
  • GET <Item> or GET ALL - Take one specific item or all items in the room
  • PACK <Item> - Place an item you are holding in your backpack
  • HOLD <Item> - Take an item out of your backpack
  • SWAP - Swap the items in your hands
  • DESTROY <Item> - Destroy the item you are carrying
  • DROP <Item> - Drop the item
  • CLEAN - Clears the room of ALL items (use with caution)
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