Students of Evocation Magic harness the magical forces of the elements, weaving spells that can be both destructive and protective, as well as chaotic and unpredictable.

Spells Gained:

  •    Fireball - hurls a ball of fire at the target, dealing damage with a chance to set them ablaze (rank 1)               
  •    Frostfire Sigil - the target's fire and cold resistances are temporarily reduced (rank 2)               
  •    Molten Strength - increases the caster's physical damage and can be used to stun monsters (rank 5)               
  •    Ice Daggers - conjures up to two throwing daggers made of frost in the caster's hands (rank 7)                       
  •    Ride Lightning - the caster grabs a bolt of lightning and rides it to a random place nearby (rank 9)                       
  •    Wall of Ice - conjures a wall of ice which monsters have to fight through to reach the caster (rank 12)                       
  •    Elemental Steed - conjures shareable steeds chosen from one of five elements (rank 14)                
  •    Firestorm - unleashes a burst of flames which blasts all monsters in the room (rank 16)           
  •    Summon Elemental - conjures an elemental pet chosen from fire, water or storm (rank 18)           
  •    Imbue Weapon - imbue a weapon to deal additional damage as cold, fire or lightning (rank 20)           
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