The school of Enchantment Magic often focuses on conjuring beneficial magical energies, as well as the imbuement of living or inanimate targets with mysterious charms.

Spells Gained:

  •    Transmogrify - transforms the target monster into a harmless critter, like a mouse (rank 1)             
  •    Muddle - deals psychic damage and disrupts spellcasting (rank 3)             
  •    Gills - causes the target to grow gills, allowing them to breathe underwater (rank 5)             
  •    Wisdom - increases the friendly target's mana regeneration rate (rank 7)             
  •    Dispel - removes buffs from monsters and mental afflictions from players (rank 8)             
  •    Charm - attempts to charm a humanoid monster so that they will fight as a pet (rank 11)                          
  •    Euphoria - restores a moderate amount of health to the caster's group (rank 13)                          
  •    Sleep - attempts to put every monster in the room into a mystical slumber (rank 15)                          
  •    Mana Shield - conjures a shield which converts damage taken into increased max mana (rank 17)         
  •    Enchant Item - temporarily imbues armor/jewelry with an extra effect of the caster's choice (rank 20)                       
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