The Dual Weapons skill centers around fighting while wielding a weapon in each hand. The skill applies only to melee weapons and excludes magical staves.

Abilities Gained:

  • Ambidexterity - gives you a chance to attack with your offhand weapon while dual wielding (rank 1)
  • Parry - you have a chance to parry incoming melee attacks while dual wielding (rank 5)
  • Swordbreaker - use DISARM to disarm the target, more effective after parrying (rank 6)
  • Riposte - use RIPOSTE to counter attack after you have parried a blow (rank 8)
  • Deft Hands - you are able to use items such as potions and trinkets from your backpack (rank 10)
  • Improved Dual Weapons - weapons held in the left hand will provide bonuses (rank 12)
  • Attacks of Opportunity - gain additional attacks against prone targets while dual wielding (rank 14)
  • Whirlwind - spin your weapons wildly, attacking and engaging all monsters in the room (rank 15)
  • Dual Riposte - when using the RIPOSTE, you deal damage with both weapons (rank 16)
  • Blade Barrier - use BBARRIER while dual wielding, parry chance is greatly increased for a brief time (rank 17)
  • Dual Weapons Mastery - increases the damage dealt by your offhand weapons (rank 20)
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