Divinity Magic centers around the use of ancient rituals, prayers and incantations which attempt to entreat the immortal and spiritual forces of the realms.

Spells Gained:

  •    Smite - lashes the target with divine energy                         
  •    Heal - restores a moderate amount of health to the target                           
  •    True Sight - allows the target to see invisible or hidden targets                     
  •    Void Prison - banishes the monster to a void, leaving them unable to act                     
  •    Cure - removes physical afflictions like blind, deaf, paralysis, exhaustion and bleed                           
  •    Blinding Light - unleashes a brilliant, divine light which blinds engaged monsters                 
  •    Bless Weapon - temporarily increases the level of the target weapon               
  •    Sanctuary - temporarily protects the current room, preventing monsters from entering    
  •    Soul Summon - summons the target willing player, alive or dead, to the caster's location                   
  •    Resurrection - brings the target dead player back to life, without any loss of gold or experience