The Coercion skill involves your effectiveness in negotiation, leadership and commerce. Several of the abilities will affect your pets as well as group members. These abilities will increase in effectiveness based on your skill rank. However, the bonuses gained by group members are not affected by skill rank. They also do not stack. As long as one person in the group has the ability, it will count for the group.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Commanding Presence - increases the effective level of your pets (rank 1)
  •    Propagate - use SENSE to see the locations of shops and quests in your current area (rank 3)
  •    Commerce - receive a discount while buying goods and a premium while selling (rank 5)
  •    Spell Bond - passive ability which allows you to cast spells on pets you control (rank 8)
  •    Leadership - increases the maximum amount of pets you can control at once by 1 (rank 9)
  •    False King - increases the armor rating and magic resistance of your pets and group (rank 10)
  •    Loyal Sacrifice - restores some health whenever you dismiss a pet (rank 13)
  •    Imperious Splendor - while your health is above 75% pet and group damage increases (rank 17)
  •    Servant Link - your pets share some beneficial effects currently active on you (rank 20)
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