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The major settlements of Asteria:

  • Hessa - spiritual and primitive village of huts near the northwest coast of Alarra
  • Rhojidan - city of dark castles nestled in the wintry eastern mountains
  • Kalmyr - island city of white towers founded by the elves
  • Brunmar - underground city of bronze constructed by the dwarves
  • Farmshire - small village of hillside hovels inhabited by gnomes
  • Shadowglen - quiet and mysterious town on the Darkened Isle
  • Skybreak Village - a small mountain village of cavern homes in Skybreak Ridge

After completing the tutorial, adventurers begin at the village square of Hessa.


Inns and player houses can be designated as home. Using either the RECALL command or a Recall Stone will return you to your home. The default home for everyone is the village square of Hessa. Use HOME to see where your current home is located and HOME SET to set your current location as home.

Asteria World Map

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