The Awareness skill centers around your attention to detail, sense of your surroundings, competency as an observer and perceptiveness in general.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Improved Critical - increases your critical strike chance (rank 1)
  •    Improved Search - decreases the amount of time required to search a room (rank 3)
  •    Fresh Acumen - automatically enhances the Well Rested buff (rank 5)
  •    Scouting - use SCOUT to show the hostiles in nearby rooms, distance increases with rank (rank 7)
  •    Detect Traps - allows you to detect and avoid the effects of some traps you trigger (rank 9)
  •    Study Foe - use STUDY <Target> to learn additional information about a monster (rank 12)
  •    Blind Fighting - you are immune to the effects of blindness (rank 14)
  •    Improved Senses - you are able to LOOK in a direction even if the exit is currently closed (rank 16)
  •    Eidetic Memory - increases the amount of locations you can REMEMBER to 10 (rank 18)
  •    Vigilance - when entering combat, the first attack or spell against you will always miss (rank 20)
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