The Athleticism skill centers around your health and overall physical fitness. Athletic abilities involve swimming and jumping, as well as improving health regeneration, carrying capacity, heavy armor proficiency and other areas.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Physical Training - increases your health regeneration             
  •    Oxen Strength - increases the amount of items you can carry                 
  •    Swimming - lowers unbalance time swimming and allows you to hold your breath longer                       
  •    Heavy Armor Proficiency - increases attack power based on armor rating
  •    Heroic Leap - use LEAP <Direction>, injuring and knocking down monsters in the room                   
  •    Defiance - while wearing all heavy armor, incoming attacks increase your armor rating                       
  •    Iron Will - increased chance to resist stun and reduces stun duration                     
  •    Supreme Physique - attack and spell power are increased, based on your maximum health     
  •    Towering Presence - while you are wearing all heavy armor, nearby monsters may become frightened     
  •    Immortal - while wearing all heavy armor and your health is low, damage taken is greatly decreased