Aspects provide members of the Wild Enclave with some of the powers and
characteristics of wild beasts. 

Use ASPECT <Aspect> to activate

The following aspects are available:
Tiger - Your hands become claws, your unarmed damage is piercing and can cause bleeding
Cobra - Use SPIT to hurl acid at foes, dealing damage and reducing armor (30 sec cooldown)
Panther - Increased damage coming out of Stealth and increased critical strike chance
Whale - Waterbreathing, increased damage dealt and reduced damage taken while in water
Bear - Armor is increased and the Well Rested buff also increases your health and mana
Crane - You are able to fly and you have increased dodge, parry, and block
Boar - Forage speed reduced to 0 and you can charge without a mount, with a chance to stun
Mammoth - Health, spell power and attack power are increased, and you are immune to cold
Lion - Your health and mana are increased, and you are immune to fear 
Dragon - You are able to fly, attack and spell power increased, and breathe fire (1 min cooldown)

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