The Army of Rhojidan is the largest and most elite army known to the realms. Also one of the four main guilds, they are funded by the city of Rhojidan and are charged with many duties, including the protection and policing of the city, as well as the conquest of foreign lands. The guild hall is located within the Keep of the Black Sapphire in the southwestern province of the city.

Rhojidani soldiers are highly skilled riders and possess some of the most powerful riding mounts in the realms. Soldiers are also trained to improve their weapons and armor, as well as further specialize in the art of combat. While the soldier's approach to battle is considered the Army's primary course of training, magic-users and combatants of all types are equally welcome among their ranks.

Army equipment is smithed using the metals most common to Rhojidan – ebony iron and ebony steel. The imperial form of crafting is aimed at a simple but intimidating style, primarily dark and often featuring the city's official colors of black and sapphire blue. Soldiers who identify primarily as spellcasters, unofficially referred to as Warlocks, are known for wearing thick winter robes bearing the same colors.

Guild Abilities gained at land levels:


Quick Draw

Improved use of sheathing weapons and shields


Soldier's Rucksack

Provides a separate inventory with 10 additional slots



Use SENSE and learn what monsters potentially spawn in your area


Armored Steed

Your mount has armor rating, stacking with the Reinforced Saddles ability


Reinforce Armor

Use REINFORCE to improve a piece of armor


Spiked Armor

Increases your melee attack power based on your armor


Battle Stance

Use STANCE and <balance/defense/berserk> to adapt to combat situations


Weapon Specializations:

Attacks with different weapon types have extra effects:

Bludgeoning Bludgeoning attacks have a chance to stun targets
Slashing Slashing attacks have a chance to cause bleeding
Piercing Piercing attacks have increased critical strike chance
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