Students of Alteration Magic attempt to harness and manipulate the very fabric of space and time, as well as the unseen, arcane energies present throughout the universe.

Spells Gained:

  •    Arcane Bolt - launches a bolt of arcane energy at the target (rank 1)            
  •    Translocate - teleports an item to the caster's vault (rank 2)               
  •    Slow - slows the target down, increasing unbalanced time (rank 3)               
  •    Steal Magic - takes a beneficial spell from the target and gives it to the caster (rank 6)         
  •    Telepathy - allows the caster to see through a willing target's eyes (rank 8)         
  •    Arcane Missiles - unleashes a torrent of energy missiles (rank 11)         
  •    Blink - teleports you several rooms in the targeted direction, through some doors (rank 13)                       
  •    Reverse Time - heals the target gradually over a brief amount of time (rank 16)                       
  •    Haste - increases the target's speed, reducing unbalanced time (rank 19)                         
  •    Portal - opens a two-way portal to a location the caster has remembered (rank 20)                         
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