The Acrobatics skill centers around swiftness and grace of movement. Acrobatic abilities involve avoiding attacks and retreating more effectively, as well as improving your offense.

Abilities Gained:

  •    Dodge - gives you a chance to dodge physical attacks (rank 1)
  •    Initiative - your damage is temporarily increased after entering combat (rank 3)
  •    Kip-up - you can quickly spring up to your feet after being knocked prone (rank 5)
  •    Evasion - reduces AOE damage taken and the effectiveness of traps against you (rank 8)
  •    Mobility - use RETREAT <Direction> to flee toward a specific direction from combat (rank 9)
  •    Water Walking - your agility allows you to gracefully walk across the surface of the water (rank 12)
  •    Battle Rhythm - your damage is increased while you are successfully avoiding attacks (rank 15)
  •    Tumble - use TUMBLE while wearing only cloth or light armor to briefly dodge all attacks (rank 17)
  •    Improved Initiative - damage and critical surge are increased after entering combat (rank 20)
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